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We are very excited to see you all within the upcoming weeks. A few reminders for our clients as we are going forward during the first phase. 


* We will not be having magazines out or refreshments (we apologize). 


* We encourage you to bring the least amount into the salon as possible, Only necessary items. (ie. Phones, Wallets).


* At this time we are NOT allowing family or friends to come to appointments, you will have to wait outside or in the car. 


* We will have to pop your head in the door to let us know you arrived, or you may call the salon to let us know.

We will let you know when to come in, and give further instructions. 


* You will sanitize promptly when coming inside. We will be checking temperatures as you arrive, if you have a fever we will decline your appointment, and reschedule. 


* All clients are required to wear a face mask. If you wear gloves or would like gloves, you will need a new pair when arriving.


We are doing everything that we can to keep you and our stylists safe. Thank you for being patient and understanding with us. We will get through this together!  
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